U.N. – The New World Order Vehicle

///U.N. – The New World Order Vehicle

U.N. – The New World Order Vehicle

Global Governance (NWO) is the end of every countries freedom and independence.  One of the globalists major agenda for decades has been global open borders.   They see national sovereignty as an obsolete system and just want a world government because they feel its the way of the future.

However, it goes deeper than that. This is an over a century year old plan that is about taking over all resources on the entire planet. The leftists, globalists, socialists, communists and radical movements are pushing towards a total government worldwide which will function like Orwell’s 1984. The dumbed down trodden masses are fighting for the wrong cause without realizing it.  Like a frog in the pot.

The United Nations, hatched at Bohemian Grove by treasonous Globalists in American clothing, is the vehicle for the New World Order.  Everything designed to make you hate America, Declaration of Independence, Constitution is not for your cause.  If you are an American citizen the United Nations is a vehicle designed to strip your constitutional rights from you.  If you fall for the trap it will use your movement as a tool.  It will use you as a one world government puppet.

The United Nations vehicle is being used to take all power from all sovereign nations world wide and re-establish a new tyrannical order to take every bodies hard earned money and redistribute it as they see fit.  The environmentalists are being used to blame all of us for all of earths problems.  That is because they want full control of all land use , water and energy.

Speaking of wanting control of energy this is how serious it is.  A California citizen named Stan Meyer invented a water engine and would not sell out, he one day drank a cup of juice in a restaurant and yelled “Ive been poisoned” and died.  He said previously that the military and pentagon had an interest in his water engine.  In 1998 he died mysteriously, Bill Clinton was president at the time. Here is a video of Stan Meyer’s Water based fuel.

“Stanley took a sip of cranberry juice. Then he grabbed his neck, bolted out the door, dropped to his knees and vomited violently. I ran outside and asked him, “What’s wrong?’ … He shouted, ‘They poisoned me!’ That was his dying declaration.” – Stephen Meyer

1995 – United Nations Commission on Global Governance
Final Report: “Our Global Neighborhood” 

This document suggested implementing the UN Army to keep the whole world in check with global military.  It also pushed for the United Nations to impose a global taxes.  The global warming scare and carbon propaganda was used to push a Global Carbon Tax in the future.  This document recommends a global economic security council to control world economies.  In the late 90s there were drills in Northern California, of UN troops training to raid American Citizens homes. This document also called for a UN Army to carry out missions such as this around the world.  It suggests a International Criminal Court for all crimes world wide.   It seeks to achieve gun control by regulating manufacturing and selling of fire arms.  It wanted authority over all oceans, space and land.

In Oxford, England – 2009 – Al Gore (Speech) – UN Servent
“[cap and trade] will drive the change, and one of the ways it will drive the change is through global government and global agreements”

Make a Problem with Propaganda : Remember all the “Global Warming” fear mongering?  Al Gore spent years manufacturing Global Warming propaganda facing much inconvenient (for him) proof of his claims.
Reaction: Emotionally Engineered People parrot the propaganda in a frenzy
Target Solution: Global Carbon Tax Law , stepping stone to World Law

Senate Foreign Relations Committee – May 24th, 2012 – At this meeting Hillary Clinton promoted the infamous Sea Treaty Law.   Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and the Obama Administration also tried to ratify this treaty.  Circa 1968, the treaty was first drafted. It was co-authored by Elisabeth Borgese. She was a socialist marxist who praised Karl Marx.   She was also in control World Federation of Canada.

“The world ocean has been and is so to speak, our great laboratory for making a new world order.” – Elisabeth Borgese

George HW Bush said New World Order over 250 times when he was president. He called it a “A big idea”. George Soros, Henry Kissinger and Bill Clinton have also used the phrase “New Order”, New World Order” and/or “New Financial Order” and pushed legislation towards one world government.

We made the following video a few years ago while drinking several IPAs and messing around with video clips.  We changed around what Bernie Sanders said for fun.. to make it so he speaks the truth, because his words didn’t match his actions – however just wanted to make it clear we are clowning some candidates in this video.  The purpose of this video was more of a for entertainment purposes / artistic statement. However, in the middle of this video you can hear the real quotes from George Soros, Bill Clinton, George HW Bush and Henry Kissenger themselves.  As well as actual footage of what it means for the earth to make a New World Order here…

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