1. Drugs

Leaked emails have shown an alleged conspiracy to cover-up drug deals procured by senior Macron campaign manager Alain Tourret.

Tourret ordered 3-Methylmethcathinone also known as MMC-3, a drug France classes in the same category as heroin.

The drugs were paid for in the Bitcoin crypto-currency and shipped to government addresses. The emails explain that this was done so that if busted, Macron’s people could always claim there were the victims of an expensive prank.

drugs 1drugs 2drugs 3But damning allegations of hard-core drug use go beyond this.

An email from a man called Raphael Colhoun who works closely with Macron sent an email to an associate containing the single phrase, ““don’t forget to buy c. for the boss”. ‘c.’ is considered to be  an aphorism to the dangerous drug cocaine.


2. Homosexuality 

Emmanuel Macron is thought to have directly received emails from a web service called VestiareGay.

The mailing list is one that a user must ‘opt-in’ to, meaning a prankster could not have signed Macron up to the service as it would require first hand verification.

The following image was found in an email from Macron’s inbox.

macron 5

It has been widely reported that French magazine ‘Closer’ is in possession of photos showing Macron with a man he has engaged in a relationship with. This will do nothing to quash the rumours.

gay macron

3. Dirty Rothschild Money

After further verification by Wikileaks, it has come to light that Macron’s former employer, Rothschild Bank paid for private alcohol fuelled parties in Paris’s Champs-Elysee. Conflict of interest much?

rothschild email

Wikileaks has thus far been able to verify the majority of of Macron leaks as authentic 

We have not yet discovered fakes in & we are very skeptical that the Macron campaign is faster than us https://archive.fo/eQtrm 

Photo published for EMLEAKS - Pastebin.com

EMLEAKS – Pastebin.com

archived 5 May 2017 18:02:12 UTC


It is a pity that due to dictatorial French laws against free speech that many French voters will not be privy to information that is vital in order to make an informed choice.

With Macron widely thought to be leading the race, it is a pity that France will get a man who allegedly engages in nefariously dishonest behavior when they could have had a woman who favors peace and reconciliation.


Macron Exposed by Paul J. Watson