Written by Dr. Max Stone of MWC

We know Hillary Clinton has ties to Rothschilds. We know Rothschild’s preferred elected candidate would be Hillary Clinton. We also know Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, BLM and Bernie Sanders have ties to several global elite (i.e. but not limited to Rothschild and his puppet Soros). However, contrary to his words, do Donald Trump’s actions make him the same wolf in different clothes, a back up plan for a Hillary Clinton fallout? Is Donald Trump just a Hillary Clinton with a mask on representing the NWO’s biggest enemy … real americans with constitutional values of freedom and independence from tyrannical government..??

We know Donald Trump donated over 250,000$ to the Clinton’s in 2005 , and was friendly with Bill Clinton for years, even invited the Clintons and celebrated together at Trumps third wedding (see below). His Hotel Booking info was even listed in pedophile Jeffrey Epstein black book like Clintons name was. Then there is the Soros hedgefund project in 2009, around the time Trump changed political parties from democrat to republican.

The Taj Mahal was purchased from Resorts International by Trump and he purchased it in 1987.  After purchasing it in 1987, he became chairman of Resorts International as a result of purchase.  Resorts International was owned by Baron Edmond De Rothschild, David Rockefeller, William Hitchcock, Tibor Rosenbaum and Meyer Lansky.  This fact was documented by Spotlight (a newspaper) in 1978.  The original nominated head of Resorts International was James Crosby. He died the same year Donald Trump purchased the hotel. Resorts International was originally called the Mary Carter Paint Company, and had its foundation in the CIA and Mossad pair.  . If you look deep into the parties involved in Resorts International, it is not hard to ignore that it looks like Resorts International was involved in all that CIA/DRUG money laundering under the gambling umbrella. Was Donald Trump bailed out of bankruptcy  by Rothschild and friends, to become an errand boy till the end??  A front man for a Rothschild / Rockefeller creation just like Hillary Clinton? Didn’t Hillary Clinton want to bomb Syria? Yeah she did recommend bombing Syria the same day it happened actually at the Womens summit the same day trump made the order, its in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aI0iLIwfa2w.

Shortly after Trump purchased Resorts International, in the early 90s, New York faced a weak real estate market which put Trump subject to bankruptcy and his Taj Mahal casino was destined to collapse financially.  Along comes the Rothschild’s Bankruptcy Advisory practice.  A man named Wilber Ross Jr came to deal with Trump’s Taj Mahal problem. With the help of billionaire investor Carl Ichan he saved Trump’s Taj Mahal casino from collapse. This fact is documented in a Bloomberg Article from March / 1992.

We can put Trump’s business deals and associations behind us and leave them in the past, while imagining that Trump is a changed man and now fights for the U.S.  people first!  However there are a few problems with that…

– Wilbur L Ross Jr is a well known Rothschild  Inc yes man, spending 24 years of his life there as a senior manager
– Wilbur L Ross Jr was a democrat most of his life, and didn’t become a registered republican until November 2016
– Wilbur L Ross Jr initially was in favor of the Trans Pacific Partnership, that was hated by most American Citizens
–  Wilbur L Ross Jr served under US President Bill Clinton on the U.S.-Russia Investment Fund board

– Wilbur L Ross Jr is still a Rothschild yes man
– Wilbur L Ross Jr was one of the first people to put his approval behind Trump
– Wilbur L Ross Jr was appointed as Secretary of Commerce by Donald Trump

Most disturbingly, the same year Trump changed political parties and met with George Soros at a Chirstmas party, Wilbur L Ross Jr said this:

“We are in the Midst of what will turn out to be by future economic historians to have been an epic moment, namely the most MASSIVE transfer of Liabilities from the PRIVATE SECTOR  to the PUBLIC SECTOR  that the WORLD has ever seen. And l think that is going to be a PAINFUL and relatively slow PROCESS..(taking many years).”

 —  WILBUR ROSS JR  (2009, NBC)


What this quote basically means is it will be sad for all the people when the bankers and corporations take all of their debts and pass it on to the average American tax paying citizen.

If every president is an actor for global elite banksters… and Obama was a face people wanted to see in office that functioned like a Clinton / Bush hybrid.. Saying one thing and doing another…. Donald Trump definitely speaks the truth about most  issues he addresses… addressing whats most important for the realest American Citizens (Ending the Fed / IRS,  Ending Affordable Care Acts Individual mandate, Anti Globalism, National Sovereignty, Constitutional Rights, Anti Vaccines, MSM Disinformation), and his views definitely could win an election because his views as marketed were views that benefited all citizens of US, regardless of race or creed.   But unfortunately it doesn’t guarantee that his actions would reflect or have reflected his words, nor that it isn’t the same bag of shit with a different style bag…