Mental Wakeup Crew has emerged to bring intoxicated therapy from the Mental Wellness Center to the world.  Over the hard hitting , rugged yet refined soundscapes of Black Th1rt3en. Whether sparking the consciousness of the listener with sharp well informed political outlooks (The Clinic Album) , painting a vivid picture of the darker sides of the human experience (Damage Control LP ) , or taking it to a street level to murk the multitude of wannabe rap posers, MWC has proven themselves to be highly skilled and nothing short of professional . This powerhouse works tirelessly to provide the best product available and to ensure the survival of Hip Hop in the realest sense of the word….
Black Th1rt3en

Beat Producer / Emcee

Black Th1rT3en hustled at a young age for his first turntables. Influenced by DJ Teddy Bear (Joe Mccray) and Jam Master Jay he tought himself how to scratch and mix.  He started his first rap group called the untouchables and became DJ King Midas in the 80s.  In 2016 he went back to SanDiego, under the new alias Black Th1rt3en. After producing beats for his nephew Lokey, he ran into Dr. Max stone on a city bus. Dr Max told Black Th1rt3en that he needed a beat with a gun shot on the drums. In 24hours Black Th1rt3en had the beat done and MWC used the beat for the now popular "Secrets of Steel" and became an official MWC artist soon after. Black Th1rt3en is now the primary producer for MWC.
Dr. Max Stone

Creator / Co-Founder / Emcee

Dr. Max Stone is a hip hop head, freestyle (off the head) lyricist, truther, story teller and journalist. He has been emceeing since the 90s. Dr. Max is the creator of MentalWakeup.com, Mental Wakeup Radio and the co-founder of MWC. Shortly after releasing his solo album in 2011 titled "Rotation of Knowledge over night", Dr. Max started an anti establishment hip hop power house. The crew (originally) called the Mental Wellness Center (later called Mental Wakeup Crew) of Intoxicated Therapy was established with San Diego Veteran emcee "Doug Masters" in 2012.

Ivory G

Legendary San Diego Producer "Ivory G" was the first MWC producer and an original MWC member. Ivory G appeared on every MWC release from 2012-2017, and produced over 50 beats for the crew. However, in our latest project "Army Of Kings" Ivory G is going to grab the mic and flow this time.

Previous Guests / Contributors (Extended Fam and Affiliates)
B Down
Brother Marcus
Surge Cess
DJ Shag
Antonnis Siller