Mental Wakeup Crew - U.N.E.S.C.O.

Mental Wakeup Crew – Official Music Video (YouTube Version) – With Dr. Max Stone, Doug Masters, Professor Dee and Black Th1rt3en. From the album “Raygunomix versus The Priesthood” (Listen / Download @

Additional Credits: Samples from interviews with Afrika Bambaataa victim Hassan Campbell , and the Judge who sentenced Maliki Z York appear in this video. We include these samples for political purposes as evidence of our claims in the song.

Note from MWC: This version has been cut and edited for compliance with youtube community rules. Originally we included a sample from the “I dont give a f**K” KRS ONE Interview as evidence of some of the songs points against him, but “CBS CID” filed a copyright claim on us so the sample has been removed on the youtube version. Also there was a joke that KRS ONE acts like Whoopi Goldberg throughout the video that was removed due to some comical sexually suggestive images used. The original version will now be called the directors cut and be available to watch on this website in the near future.