La Raza Chicanos and Aztlan – A plan of U.S. takeover

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La Raza Chicanos and Aztlan – A plan of U.S. takeover

On July 26th, 2018, a Facebook user named “Lucky Morales”, in representation of “Chicanos” and “La Raza”, posted a video disputing an American Flag being flown over a Mexican Flag in an American Public Park on U.S. soil dubbed “Chicano Park” by the local residents.    This video was brought to our attention after Mental Wakeup creator Dr. Max Stone (Arun Singh) was tagged in a comment in the video.   Although we will not broadcast this video, we have included it for download as a reference to this article.  Use the download button on the side to save this video for you own review. The original Facebook post dialog is located here – at time of writing this article.  We are going to review and analyze this video and everything wrong with it.

The Lucky Morales Rant Video Reference File

Original Facebook URL

Original Post Text from Facebook user “Lucky Morales”:

Cultural Marxism
Using race to discuss a sovereignty issue…

This video rant calls a US Citizen “Roger Ogden” a “racist” and “white supremacist” for wanting to fly an American flag in a U.S. public park.  Where is the evidence that  “Roger Ogden” is a “White Supremacist”?  A U.S. Citizen wants to fly a U.S. Flag on U.S. soil in a public U.S. park and that is suppose to be a bad thing?  We at Mental Wakeup DO NOT tolerate racism in any direction.  We asked Roger Ogden if he is a “White Supremacist” through a message and received no response. We never heard of Roger Ogden, so we looked up his Facebook page and found out he runs a YouTube channel and website called “Patriot Fire”.  In reviewing some of his research, we found a statement welcoming Hispanic Americans and Hispanic-Mexican Americans to raise the U.S. Flag with him.   This racist claim by “Lucky Morales” is NOT based on fact, more just “Cultural Marxism” .   If Mr. Ogden is in fact a “white supremacist” why doesn’t Mr. Morales show evidence rather than complain about a U.S. Flag?  It is because this video is like Nazi Propaganda.   The video clearly does an awful job of supporting its “racist” claims.   However, still hundreds of parrots like a lynch mob proceed to labeling Roger Ogden a racist.  Lucky Morales seems to just be angered by a U.S. Flag in a predominantly Chicano occupied public U.S. park.  This issue is a sovereignty issue.  This video is using race bait to debate a sovereignty issue.  Several commenters in this feed are also angered by the U.S. Flag and promise to go to the park with “Mexican flags” and “Trump Pinatas”

It is disrespectful to fly a foreign flag over a U.S. flag in a public park.  Calling Americans racist for U.S. patriotism is disrespectful and also untrue when you don’t have evidence.  Lucky Morales had no evidence of his claims against Roger, yet was able to generate a mob of American-Hating parrots just by labeling him a racist.  Lately members of La Raza have bragged about killing U.S. police.  In 1915, In the City of San Diego Texas, A Plan Of San Diego was drafted by Mexican rebels that called for the over throw of the Southern United States and the killing of all adult Anglos in the Southern United States.  Many La Raza protesters have called for The Return of The Plan of San Diego in the recent years past.  However, their plan doesn’t stop there. MECHa (who has received funding from La Raza) has also called for ethnic cleansing of all Non-Chicanos. If San Diego Chicanos love the U.S. and their American brothers and sisters of all races and creeds, why not just end the fit and raise the flag themselves and have a lunch at Chicano Park with Roger ? If Roger is really a racist he wont eat a sandwhich with you and you can video tape it and prove he is a racist that wont sit at a table with you.

La Raza, Chicanos and Aztlan

A Plan of U.S. Takeover by “The Race”

So, further researching why Roger Ogden has an issue with Chicano Park, it is important to point out a few things he discovered while documenting the unwelcoming American hating crowd there –

  • Aztlan – As Roger describes it on his website is the (mythical) Chicano Homeland. In this picture of a mural from Chicano Park, the picture of United States shows a white area of territory claiming it “Aztlan” and a smaller remaining section of United States highlighted in red. It also shows a hand grabbing California. This mural definitely implies a take over of U.S. Territory.

  • Murals glorifying Communist Dictators such as Fidel Castro and Che Guevara plague the artwork

  • USA Flags have been banned, Only Mexico and Aztlan Flags are flying at Chicano Park

This is a screen shot of the Facebook comment feed.  Take note that the Video Poster “Lucky Morales” is the person that liked Dr Max Stone’s comment quoting MECHa and Ethnic Cleansing (because he likes the idea of it).   Lucky Morales is a Raza Nazi.

Dr. Max Stone questions San Diego based La Raza about ethnic cleansing:

Dr. Max Stone (Arun Singh) brought up Miguel Perez of Cal State-Northridge’s MEChA chapter and his quote –  “The ultimate ideology is the liberation of Aztlan. Communism would be closest [to it]. Once Aztlan is established, ethnic cleansing would commence: Non-Chicanos would have to be expelled — opposition groups would be squashed because you have to keep power.”

After bringing up this quote, to our surprise, a Facebook user “Alejandro Sanchez”, said “Arun run, It is a Chicano things.”  Basically, admitting that Chicanos thing was to expel non-chicanos after Aztlan is established. When did “Brown Pride” start sounding like Nazi Germany?

In 2009, The Gates Foundation (Bill and Melinda Gates) awarded La Raza $931,000 to spread “Fuck USA” ideology around America. You see Bill Gates is a eugenicist who belives in population control and global government.   He wants open borders and both Mexico and Americas sovereignty gone in assisting his cronies with the global takeover. He even put money into nano mesquitos that inject people with vaccine with out their knowledge.  This is relevant because at a C02 Carbon conference Bill Gates said Vaccinations will help reduce the population by 10 to 15% so less people breathing is less carbon!! His father William H Gates Sr. was head of the eugenics group “Planned Parenthood”.  Originally called “American Birth Control League” was founded by Margaret Sanger specifically for sterilizing women.  She is the feminist that motivated Hitler to eliminate undesirables.  However, the population control company was socially unacceptable so they made it sound nicer “Planned Parenthood”.  Margaret Sanger was a proponent of forced eugenics and wanted forced sterilization in society.  She was a public racist and bragged about going to Klan meetings in her autobiography.

Her friend was American Eugenics Society founder Leon Whitney who advocated forced sterilization, was published in Sanger’s Birth Control Review and openly praised Adolf Hitler for his Nazi effort (Global Domination).

Now fast forward to The Gates Foundation funding opposition to America (radicalized aggressive foreigners) he can help destroy the republic from within and bring in NWO with like-minded elites.. La Raza is simply being used as a tool to divide and conquer the global elites  biggest enemy : United States of America

National Council of La Raza
Date: November 2009
to support National Council of La Raza’s national education policy advocacy efforts
Washington, District of Columbia
SOURCE: Gates Foundation

Hmm… Violence, Ultra National Socialism, One Superior Race, Ethnic Cleansing – Why do Raza Chicanos sound so much like Raza Nazis?

Researching forward… The book that popularized the term “La Raza” was by Jose Vasconcelos and called La Raza Cosmica (The Cosmic Race) –  .    It was a very influential book to Chicanos in the 1960s.   On June 10th, 1940 Life Magazine exposed Jose Vasconcelos as a paid Nazi Propagandist.  They also identified him as a member of the Nazi Fifth Column in Mexico.   The propaganda machine for Nazis in Mexico was called “Timon” and it was both published and edited by Jose Vasconcelos.   Jose Vasconcelos hated the United States with a passion.  Enough to side with Nazis …  So it is hilarious to see Chicano La Razas call Anglo Americans “Nazis”.  You know the old saying… one finger pointed at U.S. you got three pointed back at you.. Now Bill Gates funding La Raza should start making a little more sense to you….  He works for the same Globalist Cartel that the Nazis did… so does Operation La Raza …

Life Magazine – June 10th, 1940 – Nazi 5th Column in Mexico


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