Jill’s Story – Vitamins versus Antibiotics

//Jill’s Story – Vitamins versus Antibiotics

Jill’s Story – Vitamins versus Antibiotics

This is the story of Jill.  The first time I met Jill I was immediately attracted to her outgoing good nature. Petite, blonde and full of positive energy, she introduced herself to me and we began chatting right away. But the story that she shared with me revealed a tumultuous past of a Jill that lacked all the social skill and personal independence that she now exhibited.

This is her story:

When Jill was just ten years old, she began taking antibiotics for a flu that nearly took her life.  Following that there were frequent flare-ups that always resulted in having to take still more antibiotics.

“In the 70’s, doctors recommended antibiotics for everyone for just about everything,” Jill says.  She goes on to explain how antibiotics break-down the gut flora by killing both good and bad bacteria in the intestines.  She goes on to say how the healthy bacteria in the stomach is responsible for 80 percent of one’s immune system.

Sadly, more recent study of the medicine has drawn it into question, having studies from medical sources such as active beat and the mayo clinic exposing it as dangerous if taken often.  Side effects of the drug include chronic health problems and the inability to fight off diseases due to a weakened immune system.

Jill went on to get married and even adopt and raise her sister’s daughter.  She had a happy life until one day, she claims, the deterioration of healthy fungus and mold in her body, caused by years of antibiotic use, sent her into a major downward mental health spiral.

She claims that because of the lack of healthy yeasts and the expansion of antibiotic rendered fibroids in her body and brain, she began to lose the ability of speech. “Someone would come up to me in my home and simply say ‘hello’ and I would cover my ears and start wailing and run to the other room.’’ She says the mental illness manifested itself as such because, in her experience, the physical illness in her body made her feel that she couldn’t fit one more thing into her brain.  That’s how she explained to me the pain she experienced.  It became so bad that trying to reply to a simple hello from her mother was more than her body could provide.

She explained that her lack of natural bacteria, or mold as she calls it (she insists that bacteria and fungus are just fancy words for mold) flared up a previously dormant Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection. MRCA she explains, lives within all of us, but when not tempered by our positive flora can rapidly spread and infect the body.

Her belief is that antibiotics created such a hostile environment for her healthy gut flora that a MRCA infection flared up, eventually  attacking her brain. The result was a series of mental health issues. She believes that her fifteen-year battle with mental health issues so severe that she often could not communicate or perform simple daily tasks came from deterioration of her health due to ingesting antibiotics from a young age.

Exhausted and hopeless, Jill began taking vitamins to cure what she believed to be a mold infection that had reached her brain.  She started taking vitamins by the mouthful.  She swears by organic vitamins and nutrients such as biotin and walnut oil to reverse negative mold from building up in the body.

She says she fought the infection from a homeopathic medical perspective and her world began to change for the better.  Gone were the headaches and confusion that had confined her to her room for over a decade.  She said it was like she could see the infection bubbling out from beneath her finger and toe nails as her body shed the life-altering infection and began to build a new set of healthy flora and molds that went to combat on her mental issues.

Today she is a capable and healthy adult with a job and a dog.  She is talkative and captivating and loves talking about the wonders of vitamins on the body and soul.  She has even taken up a lawsuit with the government to warn the population and expose the use of antibiotics as an ineffective health measurement.  She swears that the vitamins she took and takes today are the reason for her health today and that nothing a doctor prescribes outside of that had any effect on her overall health whatsoever in her struggle to regain her immune system and sanity.

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Sophie Sandquist is a Mental Wakeup reporter specializing in health and food research.