Free Book: Irwin Schiff’s “Federal Mafia” Banned book and murdered by Feds

//Free Book: Irwin Schiff’s “Federal Mafia” Banned book and murdered by Feds

Free Book: Irwin Schiff’s “Federal Mafia” Banned book and murdered by Feds

By Dr. Max Stone

In 2001, I worked as an E-Commerce support rep for a corporation called Miva Corporation, which provided a shopping cart software called “Miva Merchant”. It was built with a PHP based script called “Miva Script”, and needed a server side engine called “Miva Empresa” to work on a hosting account. One of my client’s using Miva Merchant at the time was a man named Irwin Schiff, who told me to check out his website “”. He wrote a book called “Federal Mafia” which exposed how the Federal Government was the biggest mafia in our country.  This book is a wakeup call for all Americans, and I think it is your duty as a citizen to read his words. He was detained for no valid reason and sent to federal prison where he was murdered in 2015. Today his son, Peter Schiff, is exposing the Federal Reserve and spreading the word of the Obama Administrations cover up of the current economic crisis in America.



Last year shortly after his death, Senator Ron Paul had this to say “Now, this is getting worse. There is a lot going on right now. But, you know, this recently, when we read about the death of Irwin Schiff, he was actually in prison and killed by our government because he spoke out about the unconstitutionality of the way taxes are being collected. It wasn’t so much he was a violent person, he wasn’t for anarchy or anything else. I don’t think that he ever said the statement that there should be no taxes either. But, because he said what the government was doing was unconstitutional, and the government told him you are not allowed to talk about that and he did. At age 77 they put him in jail for 14 more years and literally, I think killed him. Because it was a death sentence and a life sentence and he didn’t get his medical care. That is how ruthless the government is.”

“Now, in Irwin Schiff, it was a good lesson because what was he saying? He was challenging the financing of a government that is runaway. So the same way, if somebody tells us the truth about what is going on in the middle east, and how we have involved ourselves in these wars illegally and lied ourselves into these wars, our presidents have, they can’t tolerate that. They cannot tolerate the truth about the foreign policy. They cannot tolerate the truth about why they are ruthless in collecting taxes and they are not going to tolerate the truth about how the Federal Reserve is run. That is why, I always believe that the Federal Reserve, if everybody knew about it, and more people know about it now than ever before, if the people knew about it, they wouldn’t support the Federal Reserve and, fortunately, there are a lot of people waking up. But so much is done in secret. The bailouts are done in secret. Though it is secret government that is the real issue and when you talk about the ultimate secrets of government, then you become an enemy of the state. And when you have an empire, truth is treason in the empire of lies. Right now, people are considered treasonus if they start telling us the plain truth about what our government is doing to us.”

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