By Noah Hunter, Mental Wakeup Journalist


The 17 track release of the Mental Wakeup’s hip hop crew Mental Wellness Center entitled “Department 5: Damage Control” which was released earlier this month as a limited collectors edition, with a price tag of $88 (limited/collectors edition) at art festivals, art galleries, and music art appreciation events at colleges, undergrounds, and various other venues, may have an angry mob of communists asking for taxes. MWC co-founder Dr. Max Stone says “We spent over 4 years on this project alone! To the MWC family this release is a segment of our lives and expression… We see this release as art, not a cheap tunes label release destined to be $1 at the discount store later like these f**kin marxist do.. There is no way that we will let some cheap record label market our music on iTunes and Amazons for $9, that price is for the record industry garbage we are all over familiar with, and if marx dont like it then we will do it again, in fact whatever these god d**n marx don’t like we will keep doing”

The CD cover shows a minimal MWC business logo with album title on the side, and the words “Mental Wakeup” big on the back with other album information. But what the art lover or hip hop enthusiast is unaware of, is the artwork inside the cd cover. The CD label depicts a picture of Karl Marx, author of the Communist Manifesto, and forefather of Communism, who paved the way for eugenics and biometrics, with a crosshair over his pineal gland. The custodians of marxism are very unhappy and disgruntled with this. One marxist aggresor and student at San DIego State University says “The album has anti-marxist sentiment from start to finish, I am appauled, what would Karl do?”


I find it depressing that the large blind puppet population following the share the wealth totalitarian systems (ie communism, marxism, fascism, socialism)  have no idea these fake movements were designed to keep the poor continuously poor while the global elite over eat fantastic cuisine they take for granted and fund wars while walking off their dinner. A bunch of posers fill up these pig demons mail box, messages offering to eat a dick for hand outs from pig demons. The pathetic fact is this marxist movement is marketed toward the less “i think im intellectual and smart” fortunate guy, but it is a big trick, WAKE UP your mental, it is not a movement for the down trodded masses! It is just marketed as so.. It is for the bankers by the bankers with a BIG FUCK THE PEOPLE at the end of it… and Mental Wellness Center has made that clear in the visual analogy on the cd label inside.

Another custodian of Marxism was encountered by MWC co-founder Doug Masters, who is a well educated 2nd Ammendment teacher, protector and Custom Firearm enthusiast.  Just sharing his views on a tshirt about the right to bare arms, led to him being harrased and verbally badgered by this socialist indoctrinated mad woman who we will refer to as “Trendy Marxist College Whore”.  She didn’t stop there, she moved on to attack the 1st ammendment, and told Doug Masters that free speech should be banned as well.  The Trendy Marxist College Whore also mentioned that she “love oppression because it keeps us safe”  What a walking oxymarxist. She continued to grab the few MWC albums on the display table and vandalized them. Almost leading to a fight between MWC staff and her boyfriends associates. Her boyfriend apologized, paid for the damages and said “I appreciate what you guys are doing, sorry about my bitches behavior, I want to make it clear I don’t agree nor feel the way she feels”  The boyfriend went on to explain a well known marxist tactic, that we have seen before and said “She tries to emotionally bully everyone cause she is so weak mentally phyically and spiritually” in response Doug Masters had this to say “Your girl loves oppression and shutting down free speech because she is a dumb ass, I feel bad fer these people I have to mentally shatter with reality, But people like Trendy Marxist College Whore chose the darkness, and the light will be what shines…”

Although requested in several hate mail letters from mad banker affiliates… MWC and staff refuses to change any artwork, songs, info or anti marxist media, for MWC is “As real as it gets”