Aerial Surveillance – An example of incremental stealth dicatorship

///Aerial Surveillance – An example of incremental stealth dicatorship

Aerial Surveillance – An example of incremental stealth dicatorship

“Black Helicopter Crowd” – This term was used by the media to discredit any citizen who opposed global government or international commission. This term was used to ridicule truth seeking citizens and U.S. Patriots (REF: Sal Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” ) as”kooks or conspiracy theorists”

This is how incremental stealth dictatorship works…moving you left on the spectrum to a total government and covert surveillance society… In 2012, many American citizens in Nebraska were outraged by the EPA Aerial Surveillance (ie The beginning of drone surveillance) of farmers (Opinion: to help Monsanto/UN/America Takeover) , the EPA responded with it was legally ok because of the Clean Water Air act… and they also admitted at that time they had been doing Aerial Surveillance for over a decade (ie Unmarked Helicopters in the 90s) – Around 2012 media social liberals started calling truth seekers “Black Helicopter Crowd” Now a days nobody would care about aerial surveillance or unmarked vehicles because it has become common place. By ridiculing us with “Rules for Radicals” , confused victims of propaganda fought to help Google map the whole planet …. 2013 Google Maps first took satellite imagery of North Korea and since then mapped the whole planet with satellite surveillance. Everything we warned you about back then already happened.

Surveillance drones have also become so common place that Kentucy had to vote against it in 2017.

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Kentucky House Votes 99-0 to Limit Warrantless Drone Surveillance

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Feb. 27, 2017) – A Kentucky bill that would require police to get a warrant before engaging in drone surveillance in most situations unanimously passed the House last week.

Rep. Diane St. Onge (R-Lakeside Park), Rep. Reginald Meeks (D-Louisville) and Rep. Sal Santoro (R-Florence) introduced House Bill 291 (HB291) on Feb. 10. The legislation would require a judicial warrant specifically naming the targeted individual before police could use a drone for surveillance in most situations. The proposed law would allow warrantless use of a drone when “exigent circumstances” exist.

The House approved HB291 by a 99-0 vote.

Source: 10th Amendment Center

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