15 Reasons not to trust Esther or Jerry Hicks #Abraham Cult

//15 Reasons not to trust Esther or Jerry Hicks #Abraham Cult

15 Reasons not to trust Esther or Jerry Hicks #Abraham Cult

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]By David Stone

  • Jerry Hicks lost his battle with cancer after choosing a course of treatment that seems a direct contradiction of “the teachings of Abraham.” Belittling conventional medicine on many occasions, Esther Hicks (in her Abraham persona) said that a near immediate return to health was possible, simply by changing vibrations. It would take as little as an afternoon, she said. While she was able to blame the victims of cancer and other illnesses by pointing out that they just weren’t getting their vibrations right, she chose silence when it came to the sick man who slept next to Abraham for 25 years and had been described by her as the best at managing his vibration of anyone alive.Silence is especially golden when it protects the cash flow.So, devastating was the news of Jerry Hicks illness and so clearly did it threaten to expose Abraham Hicks teachings as fake that, after a clumsy, unethical effort to blame his hospitalization on a spider bite, they released a convoluted story about how he went for “heavy chemotherapy” as the “path of least resistance,” a throwback to older, forgotten “teachings.”Not until Jerry Hicks died did Esther concede that he’d been battling leukemia. She offered no explanation about why he hadn’t simply followed Abraham’s teachings, opting instead for a saccharine monologue that had little to say in tribute to her decease partner and a lot about herself.Notes:

    Esther Hicks on the best approach to medicine: “The very best approach to medicine is,’Well, I see your physical body is sick, what’s been bothering you? What are you worried about? What are you angry about? What are you frustrated about?’ Because that is what is at the root of all of this. And then say, ‘Let it go, let it go, let it go.’ That’s the message, and if they could hear you and do that, then they would all be well right away.

    — Abraham

    Excerpted from the workshop in Ashland, OR on Tuesday, May 16th, 2000

  • Did you know that a selfish child is “like Jesus” who didn’t bother himself with concerns about others’ (using Esther’s word) “toylessness?”With this fantastic claim, Esther Hicks abolished Jesus’ well-known empathy and kindness toward others in need and replaced it with indifference. (Remember, she claims that Jesus is a member of the Abraham collective of “nonphysical teachers.”Earlier, speaking as Abraham, she connected herself firmly to Jesus (and other prominent religious figures like Buddha and Mohammad): “That which Jesus was, Esther is,” she said while in her slick Abraham trance. It was first time Jesus ever became so narcissistic or enamored with wealth and possessions.There’s more.In the same sequence, a concerned mother who had inexplicably come to Esther for advice introduced a new concern. It worried her (She couldn’t stay “in the vortex.”) that her son had a habit of kicking the family’s cat.

    The always wise Esther Hicks ordered her not to interfere. It was between her kid and the cat. The cat was “teaching” the brat, according to Esther.

    Favorably comparing a child’s selfishness to Jesus, followed up by encouraging animal abuse… Is this the spiritual guide to follow?

    Esther Hicks may be making it hard for even the true believers to stick with the her. Even the most duped in a cult ought to see the dangers in letting a child kick a trapped cat.

  • A lack of empathy exposes a lack of awareness about the contours of engagement in physical relationships. This is best seen in Esther Hicks’ inability to comprehend the pain caused by the loss of loved ones in death and mockingly referring to death as “croaking,” bragging about “being so disrespectful.” Esther Hicks has stuck with declaring “delightful” every death experience without exception. It’s worth noting, of course, that there is no one around who can contradict her, although growing mountains of evidence from NDEs tell a different story.(Note: Just for the record, Esther dropped the “croaking” references when Jerry died. He “transitioned,” instead. Gone also was her heartless observation that, “It’s always good to see the old ones go.” Jerry Hicks was 84.)Probably the meanest is her claim that, after dying, we are without exception happy, even blissful, even those who have been immersed in a joyful existence up until that moment or who have left children, dependents and other loved ones behind. This trivializes life on Earth, just as traditional religions do, showing this “leading edge of thought” is simply a variation on a tired theme.”Abraham Live,” maybe the creepiest thing to come out the Abraham-Hicks marketing machine, even if the title itself wasn’t weirdly funny, has begun to run concurrent with the workshops. For only seventy-five bucks, with no right to record a copy, followers can watch Esther do her shtick on their computers.In short, the Hicks Team is webcasting their workshops, much as the monster churches do, and they are probably gearing up to ask followers to pony up subscription fees, taking greed to a whole new level. As Gordon Gecko pointed out, greed can be good, but when you consider the sales pitch for this thing, it’s hard to imagine who would pony up seventy-five hard-earned dollars for it or, really, why followers aren’t already fleeing.

    Quoting directly from the announcement:

    “We recently had a chat with Abraham about these upcoming global broadcasts of our live seminars, which will allow people to participate in a live event without actually being in the room. So many people, from so many places around the world, have requested that we travel to their countries so that they can participate with Abraham, and this new Live Stream broadcast answers that request. It will be a great way for people who can’t be, or don’t want to be, in the seminar room to still participate in the seminar.

    “As Abraham used the word ‘participate,’ Jerry asked, ‘Since the people won’t be in the room and won’t be raising their hands, and won’t be able to sit in the hot seat to ask their question, what does Abraham mean by participate?’ Abraham smiled…”

    Now when you consider the unintentional humor of going “live” with a group of “nonphysical teachers” who claim to be “deader than dead,” you might overlook the suggestion of having a “chat” with them, but what got me was “Abraham smiled…. Now just exactly how does a nonphysical entity, who Esther Hicks claims gives her “blocks of thought,” smile…?

    Nathan, who thinks I’m “close minded” (probably means closed minded) and have a bunch of other deficiencies, commenting below, argues that, if Abraham can convey thought with emotion, then they can convey a smile. Of course, in reality, Esther claims they convey “blocks of thought,” not “thoughts with emotion” and a smile is a whole other thing. Nice try, Nathan.

    The word whacky doesn’t even cover it.


  • Asked about severely disabled children and how the Law of Attraction would draw painful experiences into a baby’s life and that of his or her parents, Abraham claimed these were “old souls”arriving damaged, just for the experience, saying nothing about how struggling parents attracted them.An important aspect of their preaching about the law, as explained, is that we are always in control of everything that happens in our lives. A random genetic error, an accident, Is not possible, since each individual creates every aspect of their experience. Esther is sometimes forced to come up with some fairly crackpot and impossible explanations to justify implausible circumstances.
  • In Boulder Colorado in June of 2004, Esther said this: “Every bit of it is about economics. Every bit of it, without exception. Everything about religion is about economics. Everything about politics is about economics. And everything about economics is personal satisfaction. Everyone is personally motivated to do the best that they can possibly do for themselves.”But in Kansas City in September, same year, she said this: “Your world is pointing toward an insistence on conformity which is causing you enormous grief. It’s what’s at the heart of all of your religious battles, and religious battles are what are at the heart of all of your battles. In other words, all of your wars and global irritation with one another are over your determination to promote sameness. Your democracy insists that it’s the only government that works. And every religion (it’s interesting to note) proclaims that it is the only one that works.”But Esther, didn’t you say it was all about economics? Oh, well…
  • Recent books, especially in the series starting with the power of emotions as a subject, are not direct quotes from Abraham. They are rehashed versions of the teachings, stretched out with object lessons about certain situations, much in the style of the earliest Abraham recordings. They are expurgated by Jerry Hicks, according to his own lights, which reduces their credibility for several reasons we can save for another time.To get a better perspective on this, try to get your hands on the audio version of these books. At the close of each, they include an Abraham-Hicks live session recording. The difference is dramatic. Moreover, the books are spoken by Jerry, not Esther, who appears only in the introduction. Jerry has never claimed to channel Abraham.(Note: It was confirmed for me by a person involved that these later books were a project conceived by the team as a way of repackaging teachings Abraham had already offered. The trouble, of course, is that this makes them someone else’s selective interpretation, not the pure, gut stuff we were told came straight from Abraham.)
  • From the simple Law of Attraction teachings, the Abraham-Hicks team has added many complicated procedures and new ideas. Now, instead of “you get what you think about” and “birds of a feather flock together,” we have a “vortex”where desired things are held in abeyance. They haven’t been delivered because the time is not yet right or, the standing explanation, “you’re not letting it in.”Also, when it was revealed that, contrary to Esther and Jerry Hicks’ claims, the “Law of Attraction” did not originate with them, they migrated it to the clunkier term “Vortex of Attraction,” which does.
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    End Of The List For What Esther Hicks Always Gets Wrong

    • The 2012 harmonic convergence predictions. At first, Abraham shrugged these speculations off as useless because, according to the Law of Attraction, we will get what we attract then, and nothing can be predicted in advance. Later, pressured by true believers in their New Age audiences, they fell into the harmonic convergence line and talked about new knowledge and awareness in the world today that would lead to great change in 2012. Popular demand engendered new truths, it seems.By the way, none of the big changes ever occurred. Wrong again, Abe.
    • Wisdom, if viable, doesn’t need all the marketing and image control used by Abraham-Hicks. It’s getting to be as if Jesus were pitching pricey sandals and offering to lead pilgrimages for a fee.In a nearly ghoulish twirling of Jerry Hicks cancer into a marketing tool, Abraham Hicks on July 7th, 2011, sent out an email blast with this exact wording:“We so much appreciate all the inquiries and love that you have been sending our way and we wanted to give you a quick update.“We’re going to fly to Del Mar on Monday for the next phase of our rebalancing act in getting Jerry back on his feet and feeling frisky. Every day we’re experiencing the relief that we can only receive from Abraham as they remind us about the power of the Vortex. We are enjoying the comfort when we are able to ignore the temporary what-is.“Abraham recorded a wonderful segment for Jerry last night guiding him toward complete comfort and ease, and that is exactly what he is focusing on now. We’ll continue our city-to-city workshop schedule as posted, which means that we’ll be enjoying the company of our friends in San Francisco on Saturday, July 9th. If you’d like to join the generally frisky Frisco workshop group, you can call the office before 4 p.m. CDT on Friday (830-755-2299). The last San Francisco workshop was filled to capacity, so a phone reservation would ensure that we won’t run out of chairs.”

      They didn’t even enter a paragraph break between the news of Abraham recording a segment, whatever that might be, probably a workshop rehearsal tape, for Jerry and the pitch for tickets. This isn’t illiterate as much as it is Freudian. “Move over now, Jerry, we’ve got tickets to sell.”

    • In twenty-five years, wouldn’t these “eternal beings”with direct access to the “Source,” or supreme being, have come up with one original, really useful idea? I’d have been happy with a simple cure for the common cold.(Nathan again, commenting below, implies that Abraham did provide a cure for the common cold. Right. My mistake. Here it is: Don’t think about colds and you won’t get one. How did we all miss that for so long!)Abraham has never provided a new idea. Esther and Jerry Hicks just took techniques developed by Seth and Theo, both of whom Jerry and Esther were very familiar with before Abraham arrived, and blended in ideas from the old “New Thought Movement.” Abraham’s “hot seat” conversations with attendees are entertaining and sometimes enlightening, but they break no new ground.I’m not saying they don’t occasionally come up with something fantastic, but something useful and objectively observable would be nice. Most of us would love to have what Esther preaches be true. Well, not the animal abuse stuff, but a lot of it.How about telling us how radiation or toxins cause cells to become cancerous? Gold star for Esther, if she can peg that one.
    • Abraham’s teachings are simple. There has been nothing new in a decade, except for exercises and concepts like “the Vortex.”But like a jalopy without brakes, the machine keeps rolling from seminar to seminar as long as cash is available. Is this what one who professes to be as wise and all knowing as Abraham would do? Why not give it away?If the Law of Attraction works as Esther Hicks and Abraham have taught, then Esther and Jerry’s abundance is assured anyway. So, why keep pumping out new products and cruises when there is nothing more to say?
    • Thudding boredom and marginal literacy have entered the realm of Esther, Jerry and Abraham Hicks.It’s only fair to assume that an entity with the wisdom and access Esther and Jerry Hicks claim for Abraham would be thrilling to hear from. For many of us, they once were, but here’s a recent entry from their Vortex writings:“I Can Attract Relationships That Agree with My Desires… People are not finding it difficult to find the mate of their dreams because that person is not out there, but because of their own contradiction to their own desire in the thoughts they offer about the subject every day.When you consistently offer thoughts about your future relationship that feel good while you think them, that means you are consistently matching the desires that you have discovered as you have lived life. And under those conditions, only someone in agreement with your desires could come to you. Under those conditions, no need for control is necessary.Through each exposure to interacting with others, you launch continuous rockets of desires of what you prefer. And only when you are a Vibrational Match to the culmination of those desires will you allow your rendezvous with someone who matches those intentions that you have gathered along your physical trail.”

      — Abraham

      Excerpted from the book, The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships # 80

      Anyone who can read that through without dozing off has my admiration. Who thought anyone claiming so much wisdom could be such an infinite bore?

    • Abraham Hicks is baffled by String Theory.You’d think an entity claiming access to all the wisdom the world has ever known would be able to comment on a popular scientific thread that might bolster some of their claims, but no. According to a recording supplied by a friend who prefers to remain anonymous, Abraham doesn’t even know what it is.Simply, Superstring (commonly known simply as “string”) theory tries to explain some of the peculiarities of quantum physics by proposing extra dimensions and constituents of matter that make the quantum world appear as it does. Abraham, after hearing a man describe himself as a “recovering physicist” and make a simple explanation of what string theory was supposed to do, politely listened as Esther explained that going back in time was a waste, seeming to get string theory as something to do with evolution, which, of course, we already know she hasn’t a clue about.If Esther Hicks is going to continue faking Abraham, she’d do well to read some newer books and stop looking at herself in the mirror while counting ticket sales.


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