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About The Clinic

Dr Max Stone, Doug Masters,Spearman, Epic'sode, Epitome and Professor Dee have emerged to bring intoxicated therapy from the Mental Wellness Center (aka Mental Wakeup Crew) to the world, over the hard hitting ,rugged yet refined soundscapes of Ivory G the Beat surgeon.

What to expect

Whether sparking the consciousness of the listener with sharp well informed political outlooks , painting a vivid picture of the darker sides of the human experience, or taking it to a street level to murk the multitude of wannabe rap posers, MWC has proven themselves to be highly skilled and nothing short of professional .

Our Mission

This powerhouse works tirelessly to provide the best product available and to ensure the survival of Hip Hop in the realest sense of the word....

Our Services


All M.W.C. artists are "off the head" experts, making songs on the fly with out writing a verse. Several M.W.C. tracks contain verses that were never written.

As Real As It Gets

M.W.C. emcees are "Conspiracy Fact" specialists. The primary focus is keeping all eyes on things that matter and working 24/7 to bring you real news and solutions to daily problems.

Live Shows

M.W.C. artists raise the awareness of the crowd. M.W.C. will bless your audience with hardcore mandatory education through the art of emceeing. M.W.C. is ready to blow up.

Our Works

Our Skills


M.W.C. Hip Hop crew has written, performed and produced approximately one hundred tracks since 2012, averaging 30 tracks a year.

Our Team

Dr. Max Stone

Emcee, Engineer

After releasing the 2011 solo storytelling album "Rotation Of Knowledge Over Night," Dr. Max Stone decided to start a hip hop crew called Mental Wellness Center. Shortly after, he teamed up with Ivory G, then Doug Masters and M.W.C. began. Since then Dr. Max Stone and M.W.C. have recorded and engineered over 50 songs.

Doug Masters


Doug Masters joined M.W.C. in 2012, and since then has put down hundreds of bars over 50 songs. Doug Masters is an off the head vet and professional lyricist. He also writes articles for the Mental Wakeup and will be appearing in the upcoming Mental Wakeup Talk Radio show.

Ivory G


Ivory G is The Beat Surgeon. He is the founder of Keep it Gangsta records and Sophisticated Gents. Ivory G has been producing hot hip hop beats for several artists over twenty years. In 2011, Ivory G became the in house producer for M.W.C.



Epic'sode is an ol school vet from Oklahoma who has been rhyming over 20 years. He teamed up with Dr. Max Stone in San Diego, in early 2014. Soon later he became an official member and major contributor to M.W.C. productions. Epic'sode as his name suggests, is a dope lyricist and storyteller.


Spoken Word

Epitome aks Brother Marcus is a spoken word poet providing narratives for many M.W.C. productions. He first appeared on Dr. Max Stone and Doug Masters "The Beast has Awoken" track in 2013. Recently, Epitome painted the picture for "Intruder Alert" from a future concept album.



Spearman is a San Diego based professional lyricist. In 1997-1999, Speraman, Many Voices and Dr. Max Stone merged skills for a project called "Deadly Elements". In 2012, Spearman joined M.W.C.

Professor Dee

Emcee / Management

Professor Dee is the latest addition to M.W.C. She will be appearing on several upcoming tracks in 2015/2016.

What People Say About Us

Daze AKA The Nomad


"Dope and Fresh"



"Amazing sound keep it up and your gonna blow up"

Cederic Jamal

Little Rock

"just stopped by to support another passionate artist, keep up the good work!"

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