LATEST NEWS – M.W.C. Real San Diego Hip Hop Artists

MENTAL WAKEUP NETWORKThe Funeral HD * Original Version

The Funeral HD – Old Film Version
Dr Max Stone , Silla Tru the Mexicana Pyro , Doug Masters , Spearman, Epicsode and B Down have emerged to bring intoxicated therapy from the Mental Wellness Center to the world, over the hard hitting ,rugged yet refined soundscapes of Ivory G the Beat surgeon. Whether sparking the consciousness of the listener with sharp well informed political outlooks (The Clinic Album) , painting a vivid picture of the darker sides of the human experience (Ghost Ship/Human Observation ) , or taking it to a street level to murk the multitude of wannabe rap posers, MWC has proven themselves to be highly skilled and nothing short of professional . This powerhouse works tirelessly to provide the best product available and to ensure the survival of Hip Hop in the realest sense of the word….